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Feed the Hungry

Posted By: Jimmy Hughes http://www.classiccountryam1060.com/ · 7/10/2013 11:02:00 AM

Weather was perfect for the Suncor Enery Family Breakfast at Stamped Park. Can you see yourself in the crowd? 

Stampede 101

Posted By: Jimmy Hughes http://www.classiccountryam1060.com/ · 7/10/2013 9:39:00 AM

First let me thank all our wonderful listeners who came to the Crystal Glass location and enjoyed the 2013  Stampede Parade. We have the most loyal and wonderful listeners in the world. Next day it was the Chinook Breakfast where we must have had 40,000 people enjoying the great entertainment and free pancake breakfast and once again it was my pleasure to act as your master of ceremonies. We moved to Stampede Park on Sunday and I had the pleasure of introducing the wonderfully talented Keister Family Fiddlers, the award winning children's entertainers, Splash and Boots and Canadian super talent Beverly Mahood. I think the volunteers fed around 30,000 hungry wranglers at this years Suncor Energy Family breakfast. (Photo attached) 

Tuesday morning I was the host of the Stampede City Progress Club's fortieth annual Bullshooters Breakfast. Three live bands including my good friend Bobby Goss, Southern Moon and Shannon Smith. 



Posted By: Jimmy Hughes http://www.classiccountryam1060.com/ · 5/9/2013 9:40:00 AM

Jodi and I just had one of our favorites on the show this morning. I’d say I called and got Paul out of bed but it was after eight thirty and Paul has two little Brandts in the family now and we all know who wakes up the house and how early, when you’re raising little ones.

It was so much fun because we got to chat about the Paul Brandt I met so many years ago, before the world was introduced to the man. Back then we had a jingle writing contest on 950 CFAC. We invited listeners to write a jingle and the winner got two tickets to see Patti Loveless to play at the Silver Dollar Action Centre. Paul won the tickets and the evening of the show he tried to pass on a demo cassette to Patti but her security stepped in and put a quick ...

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