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Posted By: Jodi Hughes · 4/27/2012 8:48:00 AM

Monday morning 9:15 am

I came home from work to find Parker, Addison & my mom sitting out on my front step. Parker was elated. He had found a new pet Ladybug that he promptly named 'Rake' (I may have forgotten to put something away the night before when I raked the front lawn).

Anyway. After fishing 'Rake' out from the puddle of water Parker gave him to drink (and doing a little Ladybug mouth to mouth) we gave Rake some airholes, leaves, twigs & grass to hang out in in a Tupperware container. So once my house was settled, I ran out to my car to go start my errands. Since choas literrally explodes from my house, right behind me was Parker, Rake and Molly (one of our 100 pound dogs) who promptly took off.

Parker is 5 now and really likes to 'help' me. So he started after Molly (with Rake in hand) and no shoes on. I tried to tell him I would get Molly but...well. You pick your battles. So picture this. We are a block & a half away, down an alley & around the corner when we finally caught her. We start heading home and at this point I am piggy-backing Parker, he is holding Rake, and I have Molly by the collar. In other words, with my 1 hand wrapped behind me and the other tightly on Molly's collar, I had no way to stop my pants from falling down as we were walking down the street (ironically Molly had eaten my belt) . Being a Hughes this was exactly the moment that we were passing the mailman. (I am expecting even better delivery service from here on in)

Oh. And about my errands? I did eventually get to go. But I had to bring Rake with me for his first car ride. "Afterall...he's already had a piggy back ride." *sigh* lol

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  1. MarieC posted on 06/10/2012 03:22 PM
    It sounds like you have your hands full,with family & critters big & small. Lol
  2. BruceM posted on 07/05/2012 12:45 PM
    Glad I'm not the only one that this has happened to! Mine was with my wife and dog as we were chatting with our neighbors one morning in Arizona. Talking one minute and pantless the next! I'm sure they got a laugh out of it and told everyone back in Regina about it - me, I got in dutch from the missus for not having the belt tighter and I reminded her it's a good thing I wear undies!

    Although your Pop won't remember me say hi to him for me anyway! I used to work with him at CFAC over 40 years ago reading news while he did the evening gig. He had me in stitches many a time that I had difficulty finishing the newscast.
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