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Your ashes immortalized on vinyl

Posted By: Rod Embree · 8/5/2013 9:00:00 AM

This unique story is now making the rounds and I must say its different to say the least.

This vinyl business ponders the question, why? I say, why not! 

For half the price of a traditional burial - you can have your ashes embedded in 30 copies of a recording on vinyl. 

British company "And Vinyly" offers a service that is unique in the death care industry. Forward-planning music fans can arrange for their ashes to be made into a series of 30 vinyl records, to be distributed to loved ones.
Here is an original way to go, or rather, to stick around after death. Founded in 2009 by UK music producer Jason Leach, And Vinyly offers immortality to anyone interested in the form of 30 records, for a fee around US$4550.
"The perfect resting place for vinyl lovers," the company's website proclaims. The ashes of the deceased -- ...

Earning her NFL stripes: Mom set to be 1st female ref

Posted By: Rod Embree · 8/3/2013 8:36:00 PM
This is long, long overdue. I'm surprised it has taken this long to have a female ref in the NFL.  This is so great; you go girl!
A woman poised to make football history as the NFL’s first female official is training at the New Orleans Saints practice facility this week.
Sarah Thomas, a 40-year-old Mississippi mother of three, arrived at the Saints training camp in Metairie, La., Thursday and trained there yesterday as part of the NFL’s Officiating Development Program. She was set to work today’s scrimmage.
A former college basketball player who lives near Jackson, Miss., Thomas has been officiating college football with Conference USA since 2007. She began refereeing high-school games at age 23 but says she never dreamed then that she’d become a finalist to officiate in the NFL.
“I don’t feel a weight on my shoulders. It’s exciting,” Thomas said, according ...

Victoria microbrewery making a beer for dogs

Posted By: Rod Embree · 8/3/2013 7:10:00 PM

A microbrewery in Victoria is looking to break into the four-legged market.

I surmise that maybe beer made for dogs is better that toilet water, don't you think? 

The Moon Under Water brewery, known for its take on classic German beers, is debuting a grog for dogs. The still-unnamed beverage is made from malted barley, but contains no carbonation or alcohol.
“It’s the same process, but all the fun things in beer are taken out,” said Clay Potter, the outfit’s 
“It’s basically liquid dog food,” Potter said.
“It has huge potential in a market like Victoria where people love to spoil their pets and have already embraced the craft beer culture,” said Chelsea Walker, who co-owns the brewery with Potter. “I was already making dog biscuits from our leftover brewing grains, then we started looking at more ways to use by-products from the brewing process.”
Chelsea ...
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