Classic Country AM 1060 Contest

Classic Country Secret Sound

Classic Country AM 1060 wants you to get ready cause the Secret Sound is coming back! Guess the Secret Sound correct... and you could win cash!  

Listen for your cue-to-call every weekday after 8am and 4pm and be caller number 10 at 403-240-4100 to play!

Get the sound right...and you win the jackpot!  

If you’re wrong...we throw another $50 into the next jackpot!  

The Classic Country Secret Sound still hasn't been guessed!  The pot is frozen at $2,500 and we really want to give this money away!  Check out the hints so far and play along weekdays at 8am and 4pm

1. You will hear this sound in the kitchen.
2. The object can get really hot or remain room temperature.
3. Think INSIDE the box.
4. Don't RACK your brain over this.

Keep listening for your chance to guess the Classic Country Secret Sound!

The Classic Country Secret Sound starts Monday, August 27th and is brought to you by Irvine Tack & Trailer and Classic Country AM 1060!

Irvine Tack & Trailers

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