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June 19, 2007
Fuel 2000
Blues, Instrumental Rock, Texas Blues, Modern Electric Blues, Doo Wop, Early R&B, Urban Blues, Rock & Roll, Soul-Blues, Regional Blues

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Track Listing

  1. School Day Blues
  2. You Know I Love You
  3. Ice Cube
  4. Oh My Darling
  5. Creepy
  6. One Night of Love
  7. Hey Hey Hey Hey
  8. That's What Love Does
  9. Shed So Many Tears
  10. Voo Doo Twist
  11. Ease My Pain
  12. By the Light of the Silvery Moon
  13. Road Runner
  14. The Guy You Left Behind
  15. Five After Four A.M.
  16. Stay by My Side
  17. Broke and Lonely
  18. Can't Believe You Wanna Leave
  19. I Can Love You Baby
  20. Talk to Your Daughter
  21. Gangster of Love
  22. Eternally
  23. You'll Be the Death of Me
  24. Leave My Woman Alone
  25. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
  26. Hello My Lover
  27. Gone for Bad
  28. I Won't Believe It
  29. I Had to Cry
  30. Out of Sight
  31. Bad News
  32. Parchman Farm
  33. Tramp
  34. Easy Lovin' Girl
  35. Coming Up Fast, Pt. 1
  36. Avocado Green
  37. Birds Can't Row Boats
  38. Leavin' Blues
  39. Look Up
  40. Go Johnny Go
  41. Watermelon Man
  42. Don't Burn Down the Bridge
  43. Blues at Sunrise
  44. That's What the Blues Is All About
  45. Jam in A Flat
  46. Matchbox Holds My Clothes
  47. As the Years Go Passing By
  48. Overall Junction
  49. I'll Play the Blues for You
  50. Stormy Monday
  51. Kansas City
  52. I'm Gonna Call You as Soon as the Sun Goes Down
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