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May 05, 2008
Beat Goes On
Pop/Rock, Soft Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Country-Rock, AM Pop, Rock & Roll, Folk-Rock, Album Rock, Jam Bands

Album Review

This "three-fer" from Beat Goes On rounds up the country-rock troublemakers' first three studio albums, all of which were issued under the Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show moniker. Their 1971 eponymous debut, later reissued as Sylvia's Mother, featured the hit of the same name, while 1972's Sloppy Seconds and 1973's Belly Up! included notable Hook hits like "Cover of the Rolling Stone" and "Roland the Roadie & Gertrude the Groupie," respectively.
James Christopher Monger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Sylvia's Mother
  2. Marie Lavaux
  3. Sing Me a Rainbow
  4. Hey, Lady Godiva
  5. Four Years Older Than Me
  6. Kiss It Away
  7. Makin' It Natural
  8. I Call That True Love
  9. When She Cries
  10. Judy
  11. Mama, I'll Sing One Song for You
  12. Freaker's Ball
  13. If I'd Only Come and Gone
  14. Carry Me Carrie
  15. The Things I Didn't Say
  16. Get My Rocks Off
  17. Last Mornin'
  18. I Can't Touch the Sun
  19. Queen of the Silver Dollar
  20. Turn on the World
  21. Stayin' Song
  22. Cover of the Rolling Stone
  23. Looking for Pussy
  24. Acapulco Goldie
  25. Penicillin Penny
  26. Life Ain't Easy
  27. When Lily Was Queen
  28. Monterey Jack
  29. You Ain't Got the Right
  30. Put a Little Bit on Me
  31. Ballad of...
  32. Roland the Roadie & Gertrude the Groupie
  33. Come on In
  34. The Wonderful Soup Stone