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October 14, 2008
Bear Family Records
Country, Cowboy, Traditional Country, Country-Pop, Western Swing

Album Review

Hank Snow often misses out when the greatest country & western singers of all time are surveyed, but he was certainly one of the best. A Canadian transplant, he understood the desolate life of the Southwest deeply, and evoked it perfectly. (Even though he grew up in Nova Scotia, he spent most of his adolescence on a fishing boat.) His deep, steady warble resisted most attempts at crossover, but he used it perfectly; it's no coincidence that Willie Nelson, who often phrased closer to blues or jazz than country, loved him and recorded a full album with Snow in 1985. Bear Family has surveyed Snow's studio career over a series of box sets -- including no less than 20 discs just for the American-based, major-label recordings that began in 1950 with his hit "I'm Movin' On" -- but they also offered a series of four thematic compilations in 2008 for those who want a steady middle ground (more music than the hits compilations offer, but less than the completist route). In total, they serve as a good portrait of Snow's great career, although they bypass the straight country and honky tonk material he did so well. Snow South of the Border includes 33 tracks recorded throughout his career (1943-1978), and show him excelling at the Anglicized version of Mexican ranchera music that was popular in country music during the '50s and '60s.
John Bush, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Spanish Fire Ball
  2. Nuevo Laredo
  3. Adios Amigo
  4. Caribbean
  5. Maria Elena
  6. Vaya con Dios [Instrumental]
  7. Blue Rose of the Rio
  8. Cuba Rhumba
  9. Senorita Rosalita
  10. The Rhumba Boogie
  11. Rose of Old Monterey
  12. Jamaica Farewell
  13. Vaya con Dios [Instrumental]
  14. My Adobe Hacienda
  15. Limbo Rock
  16. Poison Love
  17. The Seashores of Old Mexico
  18. The Mysterious Lady from St. Martinique
  19. Jamaica Farewell
  20. When Mexican Joe Met Jole Blon
  21. Panamama
  22. El Rancho Grande [Instrumental]
  23. My Sweet Conchita
  24. Vaya con Dios
  25. New Spanish Two Step [Instrumental]
  26. Calypso Sweetheart
  27. La Cucaracha [Instrumental]
  28. Rose of the Rio
  29. Sleepy Rio Grande [Instrumental]
  30. The Rhumba Boogie
  31. Spanish Fire Ball
  32. Cuba Rhumba
  33. Caribbean