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March 17, 2009
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Gospel, Gospel

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Track Listing

  1. He Watches Over You
  2. Unexpected Friends
  3. He Watches Over You
  4. Unexpected Friends
  5. If I Were You
  6. He Shall Feed His Flock
  7. A Whole New World
  8. Always Deeper Still
  9. He Shall Feed His Flock
  10. Emmanuel Medley
  11. Is This Not the Carpenter?
  12. Is This Not The Carpenter?
  13. If I Were You
  14. Behold, A King Shall Reign
  15. Emmanuel Medley
  16. Get Happy/ Happy Days Are Here Again
  17. Precious Lord Take My Hand
  18. Whole New World
  19. Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again
  20. You Are Safe With Me
  21. Precious Lord Take My Hand
  22. Always Deeper Still
  23. Behold, King Shall Reign
  24. You Are Safe with Me
  25. O Holy Night! [*]
  26. O Holy Night [*]