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February 01, 2005
Jazz, Big Band, Swing

Album Review

Released in 2005, this invigorating Jimmy Dorsey compilation contains 19 selections recorded live at the 400 Restaurant in New York City between July 1944 and January 1946. More so than his brother, Jimmy Dorsey appears to have been relatively open minded about new directions in modern music. His willingness to incorporate elements of bop and what were then progressive big-band textures into the charts resulted in several thrilling performances that showcase the full and fiery sound of this excellent band. Fresh ideas came from Babe Russin (co-composer of "All The Things You Ain't"), Dizzy Gillespie (co-composer and arranger of "Grand Central Getaway"), and Dorsey's fellow Pennsylvanian Sonny Burke (co-composer of "Outer Drive," "Town Hall Tonight," and the exciting "Sunset Strip," expanded here into a nearly five-minute jam). Other delights include several extended ballads, Sy Oliver's "Opus No. 1," Count Basie and Jimmy Mundy's "Super Chief," Jelly Roll Morton's "King Porter Stomp," and a very pleasant rendition of Dorsey's theme song, "Contrasts."
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Track Listing

  1. All the Things You Ain't
  2. Grand Central Getaway
  3. Sunset Strip
  4. Together
  5. Opus No. 1
  6. I've Got a Crush on You
  7. Outer Drive
  8. Come to Baby, Do!
  9. Town Hall Tonight
  10. Lover
  11. It's the Talk of the Town
  12. Super Chief
  13. Lover Man
  14. King Porter Stomp
  15. Here I Go Again
  16. I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me
  17. The Man With the Horn
  18. This Can't Be Love
  19. Contrasts (Theme)
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