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Pop/Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Urban, Alternative Pop/Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, College Rock

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Track Listing

  1. Hello, I Love You
  2. House of the Rising Sun
  3. Seven and Seven Is
  4. I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing
  5. Hotel California
  6. Werewolves of London
  7. Motorcycle Mama
  8. One Meatball
  9. Bottle of Wine
  10. Born in Chicago
  11. You're So Vain
  12. Marquee Moon
  13. Get Ourselves Together
  14. Tokoloshe Man
  15. Let's Go
  16. Going Down
  17. A Little Bit of Rain
  18. You Belong to Me
  19. Road to Cairo
  20. Kick Out the Jams
  21. Almost Saturday Night / Rockin' All Over the World
  22. Hello I Am Your Heart
  23. Make It With You
  24. The Blacksmith
  25. Going Going Gone
  26. First Girl I Loved
  27. These Days
  28. Stone Cold Crazy
  29. Apricot Brandy
  30. Union Man
  31. One More Parade
  32. I Can't Tell You Why
  33. Mt. Airy Groove
  34. You Brought the Sunshine
  35. In Between Days
  36. Love Wars
  37. Both Sides Now
  38. T.V. Eye
  39. Hello, I Love You (Slight Return)