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March 22, 1994
Delicious Vinyl
Rhythm & Blues, Acid Jazz, Club/Dance, Adult Contemporary R&B, Neo-Soul

Album Review

This album finds the BNH heading back to the groove-driven, horn-splashed, hand-clapping funk of their debut album, with N'Dea Davenport stepping back into her role as diva/lead vocalist. Following the string of distinguished rappers who made BNH's sophomore album a brave if not wholly successful attempt to infuse rap with the energy of live instruments, Davenport delivers the consistency that was missing from that effort. Repeated listens show this album to be catchier than it initially seems (as long as one avoids "Fake," tone of the most irritating songs in a long time), and when the BNH really lock into a groove, as they do on "Keep Together," the title track, and the instrumental "Snake Hips," they surely do put the funk back in it.
Peter Stepek, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Have a Good Time
  2. Brother Sister
  3. Dream on Dreamer
  4. Ten Ton Take
  5. Mind Trips
  6. Fake
  7. Spend Some Time
  8. Los Burritos
  9. Back to Love
  10. Snake Hips
  11. Keep Together
  12. People Giving Love
  13. Forever
  14. Day Break
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