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May 28, 1994
Country, Neo-Traditional Folk, Traditional Country, Bluegrass, Contemporary Bluegrass, Traditional Folk, Traditional Bluegrass, Old-Timey, Folklore, Appalachian, String Bands, North American Traditions, Progressive Bluegrass, Contemporary Folk

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Track Listing

  1. Then It Won't Hurt No More
  2. I Want You So Near
  3. Po' Boy
  4. Sheep Shell Corn by the Rattling of His Horn
  5. Betty Likens
  6. Take Me Back to My Old North Carolina Home
  7. Off to California
  8. Good Indian/Cutting at the Point
  9. Weary Blues from Waiting
  10. Dubuque
  11. The Bible's True
  12. The Shopping Song
  13. Raincrow Bill Goes up Cripple Creek
  14. Boys, Them Buzzards Are Flying
  15. Drunken Hiccups/The Lost Child
  16. Bonaparte's Retreat
  17. Mes Parents Veulent Plus Me Voir
  18. Homage a Nos Racines
  19. Skunk in a Collard Patch
  20. Oklahoma Rooster
  21. Blind Steer in a Mudhole
  22. Visits
  23. Four and Twenty Blackbirds Dancing on a Fawnskin
  24. Old Bangum
  25. Chinkapin Hunting
  26. The Glory in the Meeting House
  27. Every Breath You Take
  28. Oh Death
  29. Sail Away/George Booker