Album Details

April 09, 2007
Pop/Rock, Soul, Early R&B, Early Pop/Rock, Brill Building Pop, AM Pop

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Track Listing

  1. You Can't Love 'Em All
  2. Tricky Dicky
  3. His Kiss
  4. My Heart Said (The Bossa Nova)
  5. Drip Drop
  6. Rat Race
  7. Midnight Town, Daybreak City
  8. It's So Exciting
  9. Down Home Girl
  10. Only in America
  11. Keep It Up
  12. Brother Bill (The Last Clean Shirt)
  13. Jackson
  14. Bull Dog
  15. The Gunfighter
  16. Take It Like a Man
  17. Juicy
  18. I (Who Have Nothing)
  19. You'll Never Leave Him
  20. Where's the Girl
  21. Flying
  22. Shake 'Em up and Let 'Em Roll
  23. On Broadway
  24. Is That All There Is?