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Rhythm & Blues, Funk, Soul, Soul-Blues, Blues Gospel, Modern Electric Blues, Urban Blues, Rock & Roll, Electric Blues, Gospel, Country Soul, Black Gospel, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Southern Soul

Album Review

While this is not nearly as essential as some other Stax wax, it has a loose, raffish appeal and never falls into the murk of a boring super-session chopsfest. These guys were simply havin' fun with some standard soul/R&B covers (e.g. "What'd I Say," "Baby What You Want Me To Do") and some wide-open originals, kickin' back with some serious riffin'. Cropper proffers his usual intense, simplistic soloing, while King swoops and dives in a stringbending fury. The added plus is the silky smooth near-falsetto of Pop Staples, whose vocal on "Tupelo" is suitably eerie...
John Dougan, Option 20_88, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. What'd I Say
  2. Tupelo
  3. Opus de Soul
  4. Baby, What You Want Me to Do
  5. Big Bird
  6. Homer's Theme
  7. Trashy Dog
  8. Don't Turn Your Heater Down
  9. Water
  10. Knock on Wood
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