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June 10, 1997
Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Funk, New Orleans R&B

Album Review

In keeping with the drift of Rhino's Very Best Of volumes, this 16-track disc provides a more concise, budget-minded retrospective for listeners who might not want a set that offers twice as much or more (in this case, Rhino's own two-disc Funkify Your Life anthology). That's not necessarily a criticism -- funk grooves can get tiring over the course of two hours if you're not a rhythm fiend. Should you want to keep your Meters to the one-sitting level, this smartly chosen, well-annotated set is fine, including all of the cuts ("Cissy Strut," "Sophisticated Cissy," "Look-Ka Py Py," "Hey Pocky A-Way," "Fire on the Bayou") you'd expect to find on a greatest-hits set.
Richie Unterberger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Cissy Strut
  2. Live Wire
  3. Sophisticated Cissy
  4. Look-Ka Py Py
  5. Pungee
  6. Tippi-Toes
  7. Soul Island
  8. Cabbage Alley
  9. People Say
  10. Hey Pocky A-Way
  11. Just Kissed My Baby
  12. Jungle Man
  13. Out in the Country
  14. Fire on the Bayou
  15. They All Ask'd for You
  16. Trick Bag
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