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Pop/Rock, Prog-Rock, British Folk-Rock

Album Review

The trio's first fully realized album is a self-consciously archaic work built around medieval balladry and madrigals, and performed on period instruments. The group doesn't sound entirely at ease working in this style, but the crisp, folk-like feel and the timbre and singing have great charm. [The 1996 Edsel CD reissue contained new notes by the original group members, and was very finely remastered.]
Bruce Eder, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Pavan
  2. St. Crispin's Day
  3. Spring Season
  4. Willowood
  5. Evensong
  6. Queen of Scots
  7. The Ploughman
  8. Old Moot Hall
  9. Lady Marion's Galliard
  10. Under the Greenwood Tree
  11. Anthem