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Pop/Rock, Country-Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock

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Jimmy Buffett's second album for the now-defunct Barnaby label came out in 1976, but didn't see a compact disc reissue until 22 years later. It was worth the wait, as it features some of Buffett's best early recordings, including "Livingston's Gone to Texas," "God Don't Own a Car," "Rockefeller Square," and "High Cumberland Jubilee/Comin' Down Slow." Strong songwriting in tandem with Buzz Cason makes this essential in building up the perfect Buffett collection.
Cub Koda, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Ace
  2. Rockefeller Square
  3. Bend a Little
  4. In the Shelter
  5. Death Valley Lives
  6. High Cumberland Dilemma [*]
  7. Livingston's Gone to Texas
  8. England
  9. Travelin' Clean
  10. The Hangout Gang
  11. God Don't Own a Car
  12. High Cumberland Jubilee/Comin' Down Slow
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