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Pop/Rock, Rock & Roll, Pub Rock

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Lee Brilleaux invested in the groundbreaking British independent label Stiff when it was being launched in the mid-'70s, so it is sort of appropriate that Dr. Feelgood eventually recorded for the label. The only trouble is, it wasn't in 1976, when Stiff and Feelgood were at their peak; it was in 1986, as Stiff was sliding toward bankruptcy and Feelgood were far from their popular heyday. Dave Robinson, in his infinite wisdom, decided that the way to restore both his label and the band to their proper glories was by refashioning them as radio-ready, R&B-tinged popsters. Of course, that ran contrary to the group's entire career, but they decided to follow his advice, and with producer Will Birch, the group assembled their most eclectic batch of songs ever. Although the smoother sound strips much of Feelgood's gritty essence, Brilleaux remains a varied, entertaining record -- it's a welcome change of pace from the driving rockers, even if it wasn't welcomed by radio as originally planned. [The 2006 CD reissue includes bonus tracks.]
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. I Love You, So You're Mine
  2. You've Got My Number
  3. Big Enough
  4. Don't Wait Up
  5. Get Rhythm
  6. Where Is the Next One
  7. Play Dirty
  8. Grow Too Old
  9. Rough Ride
  10. I'm a Real Man
  11. Come over Here
  12. Take What You Can Get
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