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July 21, 1998
Pop/Rock, Cowpunk, Jangle Pop, Country-Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Roots Rock, Rock & Roll, Paisley Underground, College Rock

Album Review

The Long Ryders were one of the greatest bands to come out of L.A. during the 1980s. The band combined rootsy influences such as Gram Parsons and Buffalo Springfield with an unlikely punk sensibility. They were refreshing, they cared about the songwriting, and they could rock. Coming from the long-lamented paisley underground scene, which included such bands as the Dream Syndicate, the Bangles, and Rain Parade, the Ryders were easily the tightest, and well-deserving of their major-label deal with Island Records, following their brilliant debut for Frontier in 1984. Polygram Chronicles has neatly compiled all the above material, plus the early 10-5-60 EP and loads of rare and unreleased tracks, on the Long Ryders' Anthology. It's an excellent collection from one of the most honest and genuinely gifted bands of the period. Tracks such as Ryders founder Sid Griffin's "Final Wild Son" and bassist Tom Stephens' "Years Long Ago" capture the essence of the band, which can almost be compared to a meeting of the Flying Burrito Brothers, Neil Young, and the Sex Pistols. Lead guitarist Stephen McCarthy's material has probably aged the best, with such polished tracks as "I Had a Dream" (one of the band's finest) and "Mason-Dixon Line" leaving you to wonder why listeners haven't heard a solo album from him. Individual praise, however, is not what the Long Ryders were about. They were a great band, and should be remembered as such. The Long Ryders' Anthology accomplishes just that.
Matthew Greenwald, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. 10-5-60
  2. And She Rides
  3. Born to Believe in You
  4. You Don't Know What's Right, You Don't Know What's Wrong
  5. Join My Gang
  6. Final Wild Son
  7. Ivory Tower
  8. Still Get By
  9. Run Dusty Run
  10. (Sweet) Mental Revenge
  11. Fair Game
  12. Too Close to the Light
  13. I Had a Dream
  14. I'll Get Out Somehow [#][Demo Version]
  15. Masters of War [#]
  16. I Can't Hide [#]
  17. Lights of Downtown
  18. Mason-Dixon Line
  19. Capturing the Flag
  20. Years Long Ago
  21. Looking for Lewis and Clark [Long Version]
  22. State of My Union
  23. Two Kinds of Love
  24. If I Were a Bramble and You Were a Rose
  25. Christmas in New Zealand
  26. Basic Black [#][Demo Version]
  27. Pushin' Uphill [#][Demo Version]
  28. He Can Hear His Brother Calling [#][Demo Version]
  29. 17 Ways [#]
  30. He's Got Himself a Young Girl (And He Can't Keep Up) [#][Demo Version]
  31. Gunslinger Man
  32. I Want You Bad
  33. A Stitch in Time
  34. Baby's in Toyland
  35. Harriet Tubman's Gonna Carry Me Home [#][Demo Version]
  36. The Light Gets in the Way
  37. Spectacular Fall
  38. Flak Jacket [#][Demo Version]
  39. Ring Bells
  40. Prisoners of Rock & Roll [Live]