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Right on Rhythm
World, Cajun, North American Traditions, Zydeco

Album Review

Roy Carrier is a powerful and energetic Zydeco performer that builds excitement into his material through the power of blues and tricks of arrangement. He is a blues showman in a Zydeco suit; that is, an urgency and a connection to the underlying rhythm of the song are created by periodically peeling away the vocals, accordion, and/or guitar to expose the skeleton. While the material is well crafted and vigorously delivered, poor production weakens the overall effect. The live album is a hopping bayou soiree -- a testament to Carrier's successful welding of Zydeco dance and barrelhouse blues.
Tom Schulte, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. He's the Man
  2. Mama Told Papa
  3. You Got Me Dancin'
  4. I'm a Hog for You
  5. Watch That Dog
  6. Mama's House
  7. Nasty Girl
  8. I Don't Know
  9. Tired of Lyin'
  10. I Like It Like That
  11. Jump That Rope
  12. I Want It Right Now
  13. Born With the Blues
  14. She's in Love With the Zydeco
  15. Mama Didn't Know