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Sony Music Distribution
Pop/Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Jangle Pop, Alternative/Indie Rock, New Wave, Paisley Underground, Punk/New Wave

Album Review

Here are the ten best-known Bangles tunes on a single super budget compilation from Collectables. These are all original versions, no re-recordings whatsoever, dating from 1984-1988. Sure, there are better sounding sets, but you'll pay more for them. September Gurls is exactly what it's cracked up to be (so many budget discs aren't): a representative compilation of the Bangles' hits on CD. From "Manic Monday" to "Walk Like an Egyptian" to their reading of "Hazy Shade of Winter" and the cover of Alex Chilton's "September Gurls" that serves as the title cut. It's surely worth the paltry few dollars without a doubt, and then some.
Thom Jurek, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Manic Monday
  2. Walking Down Your Street
  3. September Gurls
  4. Be with You
  5. If She Knew What She Wants
  6. Walk Like an Egyptian
  7. I'll Set You Free
  8. Hero Takes a Fall
  9. Goin' Down to Liverpool
  10. A Hazy Shade of Winter