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Right on Rhythm
Pop/Rock, Zydeco, North American Traditions

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Track Listing

  1. Chicago
  2. Who Got Her
  3. I'm the One You Need
  4. My Baby Don't Wear No Shoes
  5. Kansas City
  6. Hot Pepper
  7. Leaving Lawtell
  8. Living in the USA
  9. Teebu
  10. Black Snake Is in My Room
  11. You Stole My Love
  12. Tired of Worrying
  13. She's in Love With the Zydeco
  14. Let the Good Times Roll
  15. Zydeco's Back Again
  16. Mama Don't Know
  17. You Don't Have to Go
  18. You Got Me Dancing
  19. You Used to Call Me in the Morning
  20. On My Way Back Home