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Folk, Neo-Traditional Folk, Old-Timey, Traditional Country, Bluegrass

Album Review

Hard Hitting Songs for Hard Hit People is a very good record that deals with the out-of-work, down-on-his-luck, average American. It features Nancy & Norman Blake, Tony Trischka, Ross Barenberg, James Bryan, Matt Glaser, Barry Mitterhoff, and Buddy Spicher.
Chip Renner, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Busted
  2. Aragon Mill
  3. Old Calloused Hands
  4. Scraps from Your Table
  5. Out Among the Stars
  6. West Virginia, My Home
  7. Tomorrow's Already Lost
  8. Lonesome Pine Special
  9. Lost Patterns
  10. Beautiful Hills of Galilee
  11. Rocking Chair Blues
  12. They'll Never Keep Us Down
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