Album Details

November 14, 2005
Pop/Rock, Soft Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Adult Contemporary

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Track Listing

  1. Where We Started From
  2. This Place
  3. Magazine Girl
  4. Just You and I
  5. The Night Owls
  6. I Think I Left My Heart With You
  7. Who Made the Moon
  8. Look In Your Eyes
  9. American Way
  10. Lead Me To Water
  11. Cool Change
  12. Man On Your Mind
  13. This Place
  14. Take It Easy On Me
  15. Lonesome Loser
  16. Where We Start From
  17. Reminiscing
  18. Happy Aniversary
  19. Who Made the Moon
  20. The Night Owls
  21. Help Is On It's Way
  22. It's Not a Wonder
  23. I Think I Left My Heart With You
  24. Cool Change
  25. Lady