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Rain Parade

Among the L.A. groups dubbed Paisley Underground (Dream Syndicate, the Bangles, Three O'Clock), Rain Parade were the closest to being the real deal for their use of psychedelic flourishes throughout their first album. Formed in Los Angeles in the early '80s, the group consisted of David Roback (vocals, guitar), Steven Roback (vocals, bass), Matt Piucci (vocals, guitar), Will Glenn (keyboards), and Eddie Kalwa (drums). Their first single, "What She's Done to Your Mind," was a certifiable hit on college radio, and the band quickly followed with a full-length LP for Enigma in 1983, Emergency Third Rail Power Trip. For 1984's Explosions in the Glass Palace, (Restless) the band lost David Roback to Opal, but John Thoman took over and Mark Marcum filled in for the departed Eddie Kalwa. The re-formed band recorded the live album Beyond the Sunset (1985, Restless) and Crashing Dream (Island, 1986) before disbanding. David Roback went on to finesse Opal into Mazzy Star, Steven Roback and Thoman worked as Viva Saturn, and Piucci recorded an album with Crazy Horse -- yes, that Crazy Horse.
Denise Sullivan, Rovi