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Roy Carrier

While not as well known as his son Chubby, accordionist Roy Carrier enjoyed a successful zydeco career in his own right. A native of Lawtell, Louisiana, he learned to play in the traditional Cajun style from his own father, and later formed his own band which he fronted when not working as an offshore oil-driller or operating his own small farm. At the age of 12, Chubby Carrier joined the band as a drummer, later going on to significant success as a solo performer; Roy continued on as a popular regional attraction, eventually opening his own Lawtell area zydeco club, the Offshore Lounge. During the late 1980s, he signed to the Lanor Records label, scoring a pair of local hits with "I Found My Woman Doing the Zydeco" and "I'm Coming Home to Stay"; in 1991 he recorded The Soulful Side of Zydeco (a split release with Joe Walker), followed in 1995 by Zydeco Strokin'.
Jason Ankeny, Rovi