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Paul Specht

Paul Specht was active as leader, manager, producer, and booking agent for numerous dance bands during the 1920s. Records released under his name were similar to those of Art Landry, Sam Lanin, Gus Arnheim, and Ben Selvin. Specht's primary competitor was Paul Whiteman. He was born in Sinking Springs, Pennsylvania on March 24, 1895, and raised as a child prodigy under the influence of his father Charles B. Specht, an accomplished violinist, organist, and bandleader. Paul, who was leading ensembles before the age of 18, studied music at Combs Broad Street Conservatory in Philadelphia and toured the western U.S. with the American Collegians during World War One. The first group to bear his name was Specht's Society Serenaders, an ensemble playing "rhythmic symphonic syncopation" arrangements of classical themes.

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